Do you have some spare funds that are earning no money in the bank?
Would you like to earn 10% APR on your money??

Hello Investor!
We are currently looking for short/medium term loans from private investors with 50k+ to invest to support some new small-medium sized developments. Not only can this investment give you a great return and beat the banks, it is also securitised against a property.

How will the investment be used?
The investment will be used (along with our funds) to purchase a property. E.g. An auction purchase. We will then refurbish, develop and improve the property. More specifically we are looking to purchase freehold blocks of flats that need some improvement where we can add value to ultimately refinance it.

Interest Rate
0.83% per month interest (10% APR) on the total loan value to be paid each month via standing order. The principle of the loan gets repaid in full once the property is refinanced.

The principle of the loan is repaid once the property has been developed and we have refinanced the property onto a term product (i.e. mortgage)

Your funds are securitised against the property being purchased i.e. you will have a first charge on the property so, just like a mortgage, when it is refinanced you automatically get your funds back.

Other Benefits
Interested in property development? Or property management? Become our investor and we will share with you our experience and learnings on the project with you.

A very secure way to earn 10% APR on your funds! Get in touch today for more information...


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