Guaranteed Rent in Nottingham for Landlords

Looking for a hand off stress free tenant? Guaranteed rent with no voids? Notts Relocate can lease your house and have numerous longstanding partnerships with the cities biggest landlords & letting agents going back many years. So why do landlords choose to let to us instead of a regular tenant?

  • – Guaranteed rent in Nottingham. No voids, stress free, assured monthly income.
  • – Strong lease covenant, from an very established company with a great reputation amongst the agents and sustained track record.
  • – Totally hands free letting, with no hassle or stressful tenant issues to deal with.
  • – Excellent corporate, professional & graduate tenants.
  • –  Free light refurbishments! Saving you massive amounts of money and time organising contractors and making your property look great.
  • – Our weekly cleaners and regular inspections ensure peace of mind for you. We protect your properties with a level of attention (weekly visits!) that no other agency in the city does.
  • – We can agree to carry out minor maintenance, meaning no hassle and stress-free letting. No inappropriate calls ever, let us make your lettings easy and relaxing!
  • –  A reliable and proven company. This should always be your first consideration when doing these types of lease deals. Don’t forget a guaranteed rent contract is only as strong as the company guaranteeing it!

How It Works

  • We pay you a guaranteed rent 365 days a year for 3-5 years.
  • Plus we offer weekly cleaners, cover all bills, maintenance (up to £250) and even can agree a light refurbs!
  • In exchange we are given permission to let the property onto professional and graduates working for Nottingham’s biggest companies. Our margin comes from keeping the difference.

Guaranteed Rent Nottingham


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